DNS Propagation is the delay it takes from when a DNS record is updated, to when DNS servers around the world clear their caches and return the most up-to-date record when queried. This delay can range from seconds, to over 48 hours in extreme cases. Factors that contribute to how long this time is include: […]


Making a DNS change and not having it be reflected instantly can be frustrating, particularly if your site is down or emails are going to the wrong server If you don’t know what DNS propagation is, we strongly recommend you read: What is DNS Propagation? As DNS is ‘pull’, there is NO guaranteed method to […]


cPanel Servers perform many tasks and have may have many ports open. A summary of each of the standard cPanel ports: Port Service Summary 21 FTP Used to transfer files between the client and server with a FTP client such as FileZilla 25, 587, 465 (SSL) SMTP Used to send outgoing emails to another email […]


DMARC records are a type of DNS record that is used by the recipients (receiving) mail server to check how strictly it wants the sender to scrutinise the server from which the email was sent from. This is will vary greatly between organisations, a Bank would want messages not sent from it’s mail-servers to go […]