cPanel Servers perform many tasks and have may have many ports open. A summary of each of the standard cPanel ports: Port Service Summary 21 FTP Used to transfer files between the client and server with a FTP client such as FileZilla 25, 587, 465 (SSL) SMTP Used to send outgoing emails to another email […]


Are you sick of having your retinas burnt out and want your icon’s back?Unlike some things in life, this is one mistake that can be reversed! In the Top right hand menu bar, click ‘Change Style’ If this menu item is not available, check to see if you have the ‘Change Style’ tool available on […]


This guide refers to hosts using CloudLinux PHP is the coding language and engine that powers dynamic sites such as WordPress.Approximately every year a new version of PHP is released which contains new features, general improvements and continued security updates. PHP versions can be upgraded and downgraded very easily and are fully reversible. Quick TIPS […]