Webmail is a core part of most cPanel hosting services and can be signed in multiple ways. Not all methods may work depending on your site’s configuration and the hosting provider 1. [your-domain] /webmailie https://cPanel-help.xyz/webmail The following screen may appear, you can attempt to click on either option. cPanel will automatically try both options. 2. […]

cPanel mailbox’s can be added to most popular email accounts including Microsoft Office.We recommend adding the mailbox as IMAP. 1. Open Up Outlook 2. Click the ‘File’ Menu item 3. Click on ‘Account Settings’ icon and select ‘Account Settings’ under the drop down menu 4. On the ‘Account Settings’ window that pops up, Click ‘New’ […]


cPanel offers two main forms of email connections to set your email client up with, IMAP & POP.Technically you can use both at the same time as they connect to the same mailbox, but we strongly recommend you pick either one or the other. Unless you have special circumstances, in most cases you want to […]

AutoResponders are an automated tool that automatically reply to a received with a pre-defined response. Uses for them include: Confirming an email has been received by the recipient and let the sender know when they might receive a reply Alert the sender if the mailbox is no longer in use Notify the sender that the […]


Adding multiple email accounts into cPanel can be time-consuming, thankfully this process can be sped up significantly with the built in “Address Importer Tool” by importing them as CSV. 1 .Open up the ‘Address Importer Tool 2. Prepare the CSV file to importThe first row is can be left with the header informationTo set unlimited […]


cPanel can do more than just host your website! Most reputable hosting providers will allow you to create email accounts under your cPanel web-hosting account. Features of cPanel Email Includes basic Webmail Includes basic spam filtering Supports both IMAP and POP which is compatiable with almost all devices and email clients To check how many […]