Databases are a central part of most websites and importing them into cPanel is a common task when migrating sites and performing maintenance. While intimidating at first, the main advantage of importing databases using the command line compared to phpMyAdmin is seen when importing large or complex SQL files. This is due to limitations with […]

cPanel backups and migrations do not typically copy over Roundcube contacts. One of the reasons is due to the contacts being stored within a central database on the cPanel server and not within the cPanel account like other email files. Thankfully these contacts can be easily exported through the RoundCube webmail interface Exporting Contacts 1. […]


Adding multiple email accounts into cPanel can be time-consuming, thankfully this process can be sped up significantly with the built in “Address Importer Tool” by importing them as CSV. 1 .Open up the ‘Address Importer Tool 2. Prepare the CSV file to importThe first row is can be left with the header informationTo set unlimited […]