In recent years, you might have noticed a trend – web hosting costs are creeping upward with every renewal. What’s behind this shift in pricing increases, and how does it impact businesses and individuals alike? Let’s delve into the factors driving the surge in web hosting expenses. Licencing & Software Costs One of the largest […]

An IP address is a sequence of numbers such as ‘’ which identifies a particular server on the internet. This article will attempt to investigate the top 5 misconceptions of why a customer may want dedicated IP’s for their web hosting service. Misconception 1: Every Website Needs A Unique IP Address False, web-servers have the […]


Have you ever wondered what exactly premium domain names are and why they come with a higher price tag than regular domain names? In this article, we will explore the concept of premium domain names and shed some light on why they hold such value in the world of online businesses. So, if you’re curious […]

Does it feel like you receive more spam than genuine emails these days? You’re probably not wrong with spam accounting for 56.5% of all emails according to DataProt and costing over $20.5 billion to the world. Spam is more than just an annoyance and carries the following risks: MX Guarddog is one spam filtering solution […]

Behind every web page and hosting provider are help-desks of experts solving the most varied of problems from DNS misconfiguration, broken sites to emails that vanish into thin air. Here are the top 9 free online tools I use every day as a Server Administrator and Web Expert to diagnose some of these crazy issues. […]

In today’s digital age, having a web presence has become increasingly common with more people looking to create websites and find a place to host them. Whether you’re a hobbyist running a personal blog, a web developer with many sites or just someone who wants more control over their online presence, the idea of setting […]