Have you lost or forgotten your WordPress password and can’t recover through the WordPress site?Thankfully WordPress account passwords can be reset somewhat easily. Follow the steps below to reset this: 1. Open up cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin 2. Click on the database your site is using. 3. Click on the table ending with ‘users’If […]


Comment Spam is a generally automated attack where a site’s comment fields are abused often with low-quality messages or unrelated URL’s being submitted through it. Goals of Comment Spam Attempting to advertising a product or their own blog to your audience Leveraging your website as a backlink to increase their SEO Use your comment fields […]

Complex sites built on WordPress can run into issues on slower plans or when multiple visitors are using the site at the same time. This is due to the site being generated from scratch for each user, instead of just be a simple file. Caching plugins such as ‘LiteSpeed Cache’ pre-generate the pages in advance […]

Installing WordPress can be time-consuming, thankfully most good hosts include an automatic install such as ‘Softaculous’ which automatically downloads the WordPress site files, sets up the database, and configures it in only a few clicks. 1. Within cPanel, Click on ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ 2. Select ‘WordPress’, if you do not see it on the homepage, […]