Comment Spam is a generally automated attack where a site’s comment fields are abused often with low-quality messages or unrelated URL’s being submitted through it.

Goals of Comment Spam

  • Attempting to advertising a product or their own blog to your audience
  • Leveraging your website as a backlink to increase their SEO
  • Use your comment fields to send spam to other recepients

Characteristics of a Spam Comment

  • Generic Language: A usually complementary sometimes off-topic comment with an associated backlink
  • Contains URL’s to unrelated products & services or questionable keywords
  • Contains a randomly generated URL or email
  • Is in a foreign language
  • Sent from a Spam Hot Spot: Eastern Europe, SE Asia

Why this is bad

  • If search engines detect spam on your site they will delist your site or punish your rankings
  • Poor moderation damages your credability and trust
  • Dangerouse URL’s may cause harm to your sites visitors if they click on them
  • Untrustworthy URL’s within your site may lead to it being listed on safe-browsing blacklists
  • Spam being sent from the website may lead to your host suspending the cPanel service

What You Can Do

  1. Disable Comments if not required
  2. Enable Comment Moderation
  3. Install a anti-spam plugins such as AntiSpam Bee

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