Many hosting providers allow you to add an ‘addon domain’ to your cPanel service, in addition to your main ‘primary domain’. This allows a single cPanel account to host multiple websites and email accounts for another domain, which may be very useful for personal hosting services or business accounts for related sites.

Advantages of Addon Domains

  • Cheaper than a second cPanel account: Most hosting providers allow at-least 1 additional addon domains free of charge
  • Easy managment as the files/databases are under the single account

Disadvantages of Addon Domains

  • Resources are shared: If one site comes under heavy load, the second site may run slow
  • If one site is compromised, your host will likely suspend the cPanel account taking both sites offline
  • A compromised website may infect multiple sites
  • cPanel accounts only have 1 username, if sharing cPanel details with a developer or third-party, they will see both domains

Adding Addon domain Steps

1. Click on ‘Addon Domains’ in cPanel

2. Type in the new domain you want to register on the cPanel service, then click ‘Add Domain’

3. If added successfully, you will get a green banner confirming the domain was created on the service

4. Set the correct Name Servers on your newly added domain
This process will vary depending on your domain provider

5. Within cPanel, you should have an option of either of the domain when performing tasks.

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